Things you should Know Before Buying a Persian Kitten

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Things you need to know before buying a persian kitten

Where do Persian Cats Come From?

Origin. Persian cats originate from Persia (Iran).

In the 1500s, people brought Persian cats to Europe from Persia, along with jewels and exotic fabrics. Europeans loved the cats and the Persian Kittens for sale, their beauty, led them to start breeding Persian cats on purpose.

We do not know the exact prices of Persian kittens in the 1500s. But we do know that Persian cats were bred for royalty during that time. We assume that Persian cat prices were high back then, just like they are today.

Cost: Can you afford a Persian Kitten?

How much are Persian cats

Persian cats are a luxury! A Reutable breeder can charge from $2000 and up to and over $5000 for a healthy Pedigree kitten. You can easily do a google search asking:

  • How much are persian Kittens?
  • Persian Cat Breeders near me
  • persain cat price
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  • Persian Kitties For Sale
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  • persian cat buy

Or you can even ask by specific location like:

  • Persian Kittens for sale-Houston, or
  • Persian cat for sale in Dallas texas
  • Persian Kitten breeders Near me
  • persian kittens for sale near me
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  • where can i buy a persian cat
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  • persian cats for sale austin tx
  • persian kittens for sale dallas
  • persian kittens for sale in san antonio texas
  • Persian kittens for sale in oklahoma etc.

You can look specifically for specific traits such as:

  • white persian cat for sale
  • doll face persian kittens for sale
  • himalayan persian cat for sale
  • himalayan Kittens for sale
  • black persian cat for sale
  • blue persian kittens
  • Flat face Persian
  • Moosh Face Persian Etc.

You can google any of these topics but often you will find your ideal kitten in a different city or a different state.

Guide to Selecting the Right Persian Cat Breeder

Choose the right breeder.

Seeking a Reputable breeder is as important as seeking a nice kitten.

When searching for a Persian cat breeder, check their reputation, check google Reviews and comments from past customers. the health and quality of their cats, Their breeding programs, and breeding practices. Better if they participate in cat shows in either the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or in TICA.

every single cat we breed at bellspurr has been to a cat show in CFA or tica and has the title of champion. we breed certified champions only.

Ensure the cats are healthy and of good quality. Verify that the breeder follows ethical breeding practices. look beyound price and choose A reputable Persian cat breeder who values high-quality lines and healthy pets.

A good Persian breeder should test all their Persian breeding cats for Polycistic Kidney disease, PKD and heart cardiomyopathy HCM.

Travel Considerations

you can pick up your kitten. When traveling, keep in mind that Persian cats cannot fly in cargo because of their skull structure. They need special arrangements to travel by air.

We deliver our cats

When you purchase a Persian kitten from Bellspurr, we personally deliver it to you at your nearest airport. We care deeply about each kitten and make sure to meet you in person.

It doesn’t get better in terms of customer care! we truly care about our kittens and our consistency in our kitten delivery over the past 6 years proves it. Our valued clients become part of our cat family from then on.

Other Financial Considerations

Before bringing a Persian kitten into your family, evaluate your budget to ensure you can provide for their needs. Here are some expenses to consider:

  • High-Quality Diet: Persians require a balanced, nutrient-rich diet to stay healthy.
  • Caring for your Persian cat involves taking them to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations. It also means looking out for common health issues like respiratory problems.
  • Choose a vet who specializes in Persians or at least in Felines.
  • These expenses can accumulate over time. Considering pet insurance or a dedicated savings account for your pet’s health care could be wise.
  • You have to factor in the expense of spaying or neutering your kitten.
  • Daily Grooming for Persian kittens is important. They may need professional grooming sometimes to keep their fur without mats.” We have added links on our site and given our stance and how to choose the best grooming products for your Persian Kitten, and learn how to bathe a persian cat.
  • Self cleaning litter boxNow a days there are litter boxes that cost over $500.00, but they self clean and are worth it, like the Petsnowy brand. you can get on Amazon Put the top recommended.

When you buy via links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you

Social and Emotional Needs

Do you have the time?

  • Contrary to the aloof cat stereotype, Persian kittens thrive on social interaction. They enjoy being part of family activities and require daily affection to feel loved and secure.
  • Persian kittens need human companionship. Is someone going to stay home and provide this kitten with the nurturing and companionship it needs?
  • Playtime: Stimulate their playful side with interactive toys that encourage hunting behaviors. Play sessions keep Persian cats and kittens physically active and mentally sharp.
  • Eye Care: Because of their head structure, Persians often have tear staining. They need daily eye cleaning.
  • Skin and Coat Health: Their dense coat requires attention to prevent mats and skin conditions. Regular grooming and a healthy diet play critical roles in maintaining coat health.


It’s hard to fully understand everything about a Persian cat from one blog or article post. We will link you to other information where you can go in depth to search any topic you want to gain more information from.

If you think youre ready you can fill out a Bellspurr kitten application Form to become a Bellspurr Persian Kitten Parent

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