The Best Food for Your Maine Coon Kitten A Personal Perspective on Maine Coon Nutrition

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the best food for your Maine Coon Kitten

The Best Food for Your Maine Coon Kitten

A Personal Perspective on Maine Coon Nutrition

What Should I Feed My Maine Coon? ⋆ Bellspurr Maine Coons

When we get a new MC kitten we all ask ourselves what should I feed my Maine Coon? You want the best food best for you cat, I totally get it.

When you start looking into this brand of cat food, or that healthy cat food brand, you will realize there are a lot of suggestions out there. Some people believe that raw food for cats is the best and most natural diet for cats.

However, in our experience, a raw diet for cats was not a healthy option in the long run. So take your time do your research and eventually choose what feels right for you. Cats are obligate carnivores.

Choosing the best food for your Maine Coon kitten can be overwhelming. It can feel similar to picking a diet for a new baby in the family. When you go to a pet store or look online, you will see many options for your kitten’s health. These products claim to help your kitten live a long and happy life.

The choices can be overwhelming. But amid the noise, what truly is the best diet for your majestic Maine Coon? When choosing cat food, look for animal protein in the top three ingredients. Wet feed canned cat food, and recommend it over raw meat for better overall health.

Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, sometimes it’s necesary to feed in different areas so each can have their needs met. As pet owners you have a lot of choices and wonderful brands to choose from. Many health issues can be prevented by finding the right food for our Maine Coons, Taurine, L lysine are great supplements as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Fair to say we all want to feed our Coons the best possible diet. However, there is no consensus on the best brand. High-quality cat food is important for people who value their cat’s health.

The Myth of a One-Size-Fits-All Feline Diet

It is a common misconception that one brand or type of cat food can cater to all feline needs. After all, our cats, especially the Maine Coon breed, are as individual as we are. They vary in size, activity levels, and the presence of any allergies.

For my Maine Coon kittens, a protein-rich diet was crucial. Adult Maine Coon cats also have different dietary needs.

The protein in their food, mainly sourced from real chicken and fish, is vital for their muscle development and strength, especially during growth spurts. Essential fatty acids found in high-quality diets contribute to a luxurious coat and healthy skin, a Maine Coon’s pride.

The Wellness in Whiskers with Royal Canin

Ultimately, the decision depends on personal preference. As a Maine Coon breeder, I take my responsibility seriously when choosing a brand like Royal Canin. Royal Canin is famous for using high-quality ingredients in their products, which makes them a trusted choice.

Royal Canin selects high-quality, easily digestible ingredients like:

Protein-Rich Sources: Real poultry and fish provide essential amino acids to build and maintain strong muscles.

Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Vets recommend to feed your Maine Coon Royal Canin becasue:

Royal Canin rigorously selects and controls extremely high quality proteins used in all its products throughout the manufacturing process. Royal Canin seals its products in special airtight bags with reduced oxygen to keep the flavor and nutrition fresh.

Why do breeders use Royal Canin?

Royal Canin’s mission is to unlock the magnificence inside every cat. Royal Canin creates formulas for cats based on scientific research. Royal Canin customizes these formulas to meet each cat’s specific nutritional requirements. The food formulations consider breed, size, sensitivities, life stage, and activity levels.

We like that there’s a perfect food for our itty bitty Maine Coons when they start transitioning from nursing to eating solids. The mother and kitten kibble is tiny and crispy so easy for little maine coons to bite. The canned food has a strong smell that entices the young Maine Coons, and that is so helpful when you want your kittens to grow healthy and robust. Eating a formula that you trust is well balanced backed up by years of research and expertise

Conduct Your Own Investigation When Choosing a Diet For Your Maine Coon Kitten

I am not expert, licensed vet or a pet nutritionist. If you have any specific health concerns, call your vet.

When choosing a diet for your Maine Coon, take the time to consider different options. Choose the one that works best for both you and your Maine Coon. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always switch it.

We recommend feeding your kitten the same food we provide for at least the first 2 weeks after bringing them home. You can change to a different type after that, or continue the same regime.

I do not have any connections to any cat food brands. I will however send a 20% discount coupon on your first Royal Canin order placed online. I am an Amazon Associate so any purchases made through my links might grant me a comission at no extra cost to you.

Your kitten will come with Royal Canin high protein, dry cat food, wet food, and a care booklet. The dry food is for the kitten, and the wet food is for both the mother and kitten. The care booklet from Royal Canin will help you take care of your Maine Coon kitten as they grow.

What do I get from feeding and promoting Royal Canin?

Foremost is I get healthy kittens and that to me is the most important.

Secondly, I choose a brand that is easily accessible to all my clients, including those in Quito, Ecuador. This ensures that we are both providing our Maine Coon Kittens with the best quality ingredients available.

To safely switch your pet’s diet, first decrease the amount of Royal Canin food they eat. Then, slowly start adding in the new food you want to switch to. Gradually increase the new food while decreasing the old food until the transition is complete. This will help prevent any digestive issues or upset stomach for your pet.

Just make sure to keep feeding your kitten the same food for at least two weeks. Your kitten is going through a lot of changes right now, so it’s best not to change their food right away.


Anecdotal Evidence – Raw Versus Refined Diets

I thought feeding my cats only raw food was good because it’s like how wild cats eat. However, it was too much work to prepare safely and it didn’t improve my cats’ health. They experienced stomach problems and I was concerned about them getting sick from bacteria in the food. This made me question if it was the best choice.

Switching to Royal Canin transformed my Maine Coons’ well-being. Their health improved, their coats became soft and shiny, and their digestive issues eventually disappeared. It wasn’t just anecdotal – it was real.

I understand that a raw diet may have benefits for pets. However, I think it’s more important to prioritize their well-being when deciding on their nutrition. Our beliefs should not come before their health.

Raw Diet Recipes: Ceck out my youtube video on raw diet recipees., they are complex dog food an cat food mixtures.

What do Bellspurr Kittens Eat?

We introduce Maine Coon kittens to kitten food around the age of 4 to 5 weeks old. The kittens have access to Royal Canin’s Mother and Kitten kibble 24/7. The mother and kittens eat Royal Canin’s Mother and Kitten canned food three times daily until the kittens reach 12 weeks old.

We also feed them Goat’s milk, Goat’s milk is easily digestible by Maine Coon cats and kittens.

Look at the Guide to Kitten Care from Birth to 12 Weeks to witness this firsthand!

We have a wealth of knowledge about cat diets, including dry kibble, wet food, and raw food plans for cats.

What is the food intake of Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coons are sizable cats, and their food consumption exceeds that of an average cat. Maine Coon kittens expend a lot of calories and energy. While your kitten is still growing, you should allow it to eat as much as it desires. You can provide unlimited dry kibble and serve canned food 1 – 2 times daily.

Ideally, your adult Maine Coon should intake around 20 calories per pound of body weight.

Personal Stance – Putting Quality at the top of our list in Maine Coon Nutrition

Feeding a Maine Coon isn’t just about filling a bowl; it’s about setting a strong foundation for their future. I have tried various diets over the years. I believe that a good diet is crucial for a unique breed like the Maine Coon.


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