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Persian Kittens, Exotic Shorthair Kittens, and Maine Coon Kittens for sale

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Brianna GloecknerBrianna Gloeckner
00:39 30 Apr 23
10/10! Lucy was so easy, transparent, and great to work with! Our little boy (Oops!) is so sweet and cuddly. We love him so much! He’s so well mannered, healthy, and I cannot stress how sweet he is!! Thank you Lucy!
Wyndee HarpWyndee Harp
20:04 08 Feb 23
Have nothing but good things to say about this breeder. Never thought i would be one to show strangers pix of my cat, but she is truly stunning. My Opal girl is so smart, loving and social. I could not ask for anything more in a pet. Main Coons are not a typical cat in any way shape or form.. Very special breed. And superb breeding makes a huge difference. Thanks for everything Lucy xo
Jeffrey PacerJeffrey Pacer
11:41 05 Feb 23
Lucy was a pleasure to work with acquiring our Exotic Shorthair kitten. The little girl we purchased is a complete doll with loads of personality. She came very socialized and in good health. Thank you again!!
Sheila AndersonSheila Anderson
00:19 03 Feb 23
Awesome breeder! My little Theo is the goodest boy ❤️ he 3 years old and just cleared as very healthy by the vet. Lucy worked with me to help me afford the kitty of my dreams! I will forever be grateful!
Peyton DurrettPeyton Durrett
05:20 02 Feb 23
Great communication, and great healthy happy cats! I am so happy with the two kittens I bought from Lucy. Both are so friendly and fit right in with my dogs at home.
Michael J. AntonucciMichael J. Antonucci
03:37 01 Feb 23
My daughter bought a cat from Lucy . He was such a well mannered good looking boy my wife bought a cat from her 2 years later. A half brother of our daughters. He is even better mannered and more loving and well behaved than our daughters . Great cat Breeder and would highly recommend! Good genes for sure .
Stunning Maine Coon Cattery Reviews!

We breed 100% European Maine Coon Kittens for sale, Persians and Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in texas, Dont worry we deliver!

larry and Lucy Appel Maine Coon Breeders-Texas

Exotic Shorthair Breeders-Texas


Welcome to Bellspurr Cattery! We are Larry and Lucy Appel, passionate Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair, and Maine Coon breeders based in San Antonio, Texas. 

In 2018 we started our Cattery, and  we’ve dedicated ourselves to raising kittens from  European lines.  We specialize in rare color Maine Coons and deliver our kittens personally across the country. we provide the best delivery in home service.  Our kittens are brought up with Our Family, our Three Sons, And Enzo, A  Cavalier King Charles Puppy Who Adores Our Cats. we invite you to Join our family of Pedigree Kittens! 

fill out an application to meet us and our kittens soon!

my 3 sons
cavalier king charles puppy
Our Step By Step Kitten Adoption Process
Little boy holding an exotic shorthair kitten.
  1. Go to our available kittens gallery & Select the kitten that you want.
  2. Fill out your application.
  3. If you fulfill our requirements,you will receive a text from us, and our official communication will begin.
  4. We will send you pictures and videos and we will schedule a FaceTime call so we can meet each other and you can see your kitten “in person”
  5. We will plan transportation if needed. (No need to go to a 3rd party, we transport our own kittens to assure their safety and delivery 100%)
  6. We will send you our contract which you sill sign automatically and return.
  7. We will invoice your payment plan and you can make payments directly through this invoice, we accept all credit cards. (No unsafe forms of payment, and you will never have to give us your private information.)
  8. Once we receive your deposit, your kitten is reserved for you and removed form the available section.
  9. If you live in this area, we will be more than happy to meet you in person and receive your deposit.
  10. You will begin to receive emails to help you prepare for your kitten
  11. We will stay in touch by phone, text, & you will receive pictures and videos of your kitten.
  12. On kitten or pick up date we will meet you at your airport, or at our pick up location, we know how important this moment is for you! And we will make it memorable, that is our promise.

About us: Bellspurr Purebred Maine coons in San Antonio, best cat breeders in texas!

We breed Maine Coon and Exotic Shorthair kittens, from the most exclusive European  pedigrees, we test for genetic issues related to All our breeds. 

Having a big Maine Coon, beautiful Persian kitten, or Teddy-bear looking Exotic Shorthair cat in your life is a game-changer, and finding a wonderful Maine Coon breeder, Persian breeder, or Exotic Shorthair breeder,  is just as important as finding a great kitten.

Our breeds have many common traits regarding personality, our Exotic Shorthairs, Persian kittens & Maine Coon cats are awesome for any household. They get along great with kids, other pets, and all kinds of people. Maine Coons are practically like dogs – they’ll play fetch and splash around in water like it’s their job, and you’ll never again go to the bathroom alone, haha. With Persian kitties, and Exotic Shorthair babies, you will also have lots of company all day long, Persian cats will lay comfortably on your lap, or on any piece of furniture adorning your house with their beauty. Exotic shorthair kittens are as cuddly as Persians and can be almost as playful as Maine Coon Kittens. 

kitten collage
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Bellspurr Kittens Include:

Five Year Health Guarantee
An Excellent Pedigree
Memorable Adoption
Health Certificate
No Need To Hire A Third Party To Transport Your
Precious Kitten,
We Deliver Our Own Kittens Air Or Ground
Electronic Contracts
Weekly Updates
No Hassle Payment Methods
The Sweetest Temperaments
Unique And Rare Colors
A Lifetime Of Suppor
Your Own Portal

How can I be sure I am ready to own a Maine Coon kitten?

Top Three Cat Trees Ideal for Maine Coon Cats

  • Ensure that this cat is the perfect fit for you and your family. Our blog serves as an excellent resource to gather information about Maine Coons.
  • Consider the space and accommodations your cat will need. Maine Coons are typically large, so they require ample space and larger kitty furniture. Pet store cat trees are often too small for them. Opt for stainless steel water bowls and take the time to find the right-sized items for your kitty. Think of it as shopping for someone who is big and tall.
  • Dedicate sufficient time for your Maine Coon’s social needs. They thrive on socialization, cuddling, affection, grooming, and playtime daily. Investing time in them ensures a happy and confident cat.
  • Evaluate your budget to see if you can afford a Maine Coon. Owning any pet comes with monthly expenses, including high-quality food, toys, supplies, and possibly pet insurance. Have funds set aside for veterinary care and emergencies.
  • Find a veterinarian knowledgeable about Maine Coons or cats in general. Regular check-ups with a vet ensure your cat’s health throughout its life.
  • Keep up with grooming as Maine Coons have long hair that requires regular brushing. Set aside time 2 to 3 times a week for grooming to maintain a healthy coat and prevent matting.
  • Provide an extra-large litter box in a spacious area for your Coonie. Daily scooping is crucial to maintain good litter box habits. If you have multiple cats, having one litter box per cat is recommended.
  • Maine Coon Kittens-Texas

How can I be sure I am ready to own An Exotic Shorthair kitten?


  • Ensure that this cat is the perfect fit for you and your family. Our blog serves as an excellent resource to gather information about Exotic Shorthair Kittens.
  • Dedicate sufficient time for your Exotic Shorthair’s social needs. They thrive on socialization, cuddling, affection, grooming, and playtime daily. Investing time in them ensures a happy and confident cat.
  • Evaluate your budget to see if you can afford an Exotic Shorthair. Owning any pet comes with monthly expenses, including high-quality food, toys, supplies, and possibly pet insurance. Have funds set aside for veterinary care and emergencies.
  • Find a veterinarian knowledgeable about Exotic Shorthair or cats in general. Regular check-ups with a vet ensure your cat’s health throughout its life.
  • Provide a litter box in a spacious area for your ESH. Daily scooping is crucial to maintain good litter box habits. If you have multiple cats, having one litter box per cat is recommended.
  • The exotic shorthair kitten is a breed of cat known for its gentle and laid-back nature. It has a soft, plush coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This breed is often described as being playful and affectionate, making it an ideal companion for families or single owners.
  • Unlike other breeds, the exotic shorthair kitten does not require much grooming due to its short coat. However, regular Combing is still recommended to keep their fur healthy and shiny. Their unique facial structure also means they Need their eyes cleaned daily. occasional baths are necessary.
  • Similar to other kittens, the exotic shorthair has high energy levels and will need plenty of playtime and toys to keep them entertained. They are also known for their intelligence, so mental stimulation such as puzzle toys or training sessions will help keep them mentally stimulated.
  • Being a brachycephalic breed, the exotic shorthair kitten may have some breathing difficulties and should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or strenuous exercise. Extra care should also be taken when traveling with this breed to ensure they stay comfortable and safe.
  • Overall, the exotic shorthair kitten makes a loving and low-maintenance pet for those seeking a loyal companion with a unique look. With proper care and attention, they can live long and happy lives bringing joy to their owners’ homes.
  • Exotic Cat For Sale. Exotic cats for sale. For Sale Exotic Shorthair.


maine coon kitten, silver shaded maine coon kitten
Maine Coon Kitten Silver Shaded
maine coon kitten, amber tabby maine coon kitten with breeder
Our gorgeous silver-shaded Maine Coon Valentina, rocking her fabulous coat and stealing hearts left and right!"

The Silver Inhibitor Gene
- Black Silver Maine Coons
- Black Silver Shaded Maine Coons
- Black Smoke Maine Coons
- High Silver Maine Coon
-Silver Tabby Maine Coons
- Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Kittens.

Understanding the Differences Between Smoke, Shaded, and Shell Patterns in Silver Tabbies

Raising cats, especially silver tabbies, can be a delightful yet intricate experience, particularly when it comes to understanding the intricacies in their coat patterns. For breeders and enthusiasts looking to distinguish between the subtly varied patterns of Smoke, Shaded, and Shell, it’s not just about aesthetics—it’s about genetics and breeding with precision.

Here, we will decipher the elements that lead to these coat patterns and how to identify and work with these beautiful variations in your feline friends. Diving into the world of silver tabbies is a fascinating process, and here’s how to understand the difference between these three distinctive patterns.

Defining Smoke, Shaded, and Shell Patterns

Before we dwell on the complexities, it’s important to first define what we mean by Smoke, Shaded, and Shell patterns in the context of silver tabby cats. These distinctive patterns are all results of the inhibitor gene, often known as the “silver gene,” which modifies the coloration of the cat’s fur by varying degrees.

  • Shell: The Shell pattern is characterized by the tip of each hair being colored only to the extent of up to an eighth of the total hair length.
  • Shaded: Shaded tabbies have their fur tips colored up to a quarter of the hair length, giving a darker hue compared to the Shell pattern.
  • Smoke: The Smoke pattern takes this further, with the hair tips colored up to half of the hair length, resulting in a largely silver or white appearance.

Despite these observations, the cat world is rich with variation, and individual cats may display a blend of these patterns depending on genetic factors and other influences.

Tarnishing and the “Wide Band” Effect

Understanding additional nuances such as tarnishing and the “Wide Band” effect is crucial for discerning between these coat patterns. Tarnishing refers to the intrusion of reddish color that appears in some silver tabbies, most commonly on the muzzles. This phenomenon is more prevalent in random-bred silver tabbies due to the natural variation in gene expression.

The Wide Band effect is what determines the width of the lighter band between the tip and the base of the hair. While breeders often refer to Wide Band as a single gene, it’s increasingly clear that multiple genes may contribute to the breadth of this band. This band’s width is a key feature that helps breeders and enthusiasts identify and categorize smoke, shaded, and shell cats.

Genetic Interplay

To truly differentiate between these coat patterns, we must consider the genetic combinations that result in each phenotype. A broader understanding of the interaction between the inhibitor gene and other genetic elements is necessary.

  • Non-agouti + Wide Band: This combination results in a solid color, non-patterned coat.
  • Non-agouti + Wide Band + Inhibitor Gene: With the addition of the inhibitor gene, this will produce the Smoke pattern.
  • Agouti + Wide Band: This leads to the golden or red series of tabby patterns.
  • Agouti + Wide Band + Inhibitor Gene: When the inhibitor gene is involved, the coat will display the Silver series of tabby patterns.

The Inhibitor Gene in Detail

The Inhibitor, or melanin inhibitor, gene is a dominant gene that heavily influences the expression of color in cats with silver tabby markings. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the cat’s coloration, with the Inhibitor gene primarily blocking the expression of the yellow phaeomelanin pigment, followed by the black eumelanin pigment.

For those familiarizing themselves with cat genetics, it’s worth noting that the Inhibitor gene is dominant, hence if a cat doesn’t express a silver pattern, it does not carry this gene. This gene exhibits incomplete dominance, where one copy is enough to partially block pigment expression, while two copies result in a fully blocked coat.

Breeding and Exhibition

For breeders, understanding these patterns is vital for planning and executing breeding programs that aim to produce specific coat patterns. For exhibition cat owners, recognizing and appreciating these various traits becomes a means to showcase the unique beauty of individual cats.

Selective breeding and careful record-keeping are essential for maintaining and enhancing these coat patterns in purebred lines. Genetic testing can provide an added layer of certainty, particularly when dealing with subtle variations that can be difficult to distinguish by sight alone.


The world of silver tabbies is a rich tapestry of genetics and beauty. With a deeper understanding of the Smoke, Shaded, and Shell coat patterns, breeders can make informed decisions that preserve these traits, while enthusiasts can learn to appreciate the fine details that make each silver tabby cat so exquisitely unique.

For anyone venturing into the mesmerizing realm of breeding and raising silver tabbies, adopting a methodical approach by familiarizing oneself with the genetics underlying these coat patterns will undoubtedly enhance the experience. From the intricacies of the Inhibitor gene to the visual cues that distinguish one pattern from another, the pursuit of distinction in these feline companions is an endlessly rewarding endeavor.

  • Maine Coon Cats Available for Adoption
  • Persian Cats Available for Adoption
  • Exotic Shorthair Cats Available for Adoption

Is there a Distinction Between Adoption and Purchase? At BELLSPURR, we use the term “adopt” for our kittens because we treat each new family as if they’re welcoming a new child. Our kittens and cats are never given away for free; there is always an associated fee for adoption.

We take additional measures to ensure that our breeding parents are in optimal health before mating. Each male and female parent owned by BELLSPURR undergoes comprehensive genetic testing, including DNA profiling, blood typing, and screening for 33 genetic risks specific to the breed.

We are committed to utilizing only the highest quality cats in our breeding programs for Maine Coons, Persians, and Exotic Shorthairs.

We have detailed information and test results for each parent of the kittens. All breeding parents in our program are free from HCM, SMA, PK, FIV, and FELV.


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