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Brianna GloecknerBrianna Gloeckner
00:39 30 Apr 23
10/10! Lucy was so easy, transparent, and great to work with! Our little boy (Oops!) is so sweet and cuddly. We love him so much! He’s so well mannered, healthy, and I cannot stress how sweet he is!! Thank you Lucy!
Wyndee HarpWyndee Harp
20:04 08 Feb 23
Have nothing but good things to say about this breeder. Never thought i would be one to show strangers pix of my cat, but she is truly stunning. My Opal girl is so smart, loving and social. I could not ask for anything more in a pet. Main Coons are not a typical cat in any way shape or form.. Very special breed. And superb breeding makes a huge difference. Thanks for everything Lucy xo
Jeffrey PacerJeffrey Pacer
11:41 05 Feb 23
Lucy was a pleasure to work with acquiring our Exotic Shorthair kitten. The little girl we purchased is a complete doll with loads of personality. She came very socialized and in good health. Thank you again!!
Sheila AndersonSheila Anderson
00:19 03 Feb 23
Awesome breeder! My little Theo is the goodest boy ❤️ he 3 years old and just cleared as very healthy by the vet. Lucy worked with me to help me afford the kitty of my dreams! I will forever be grateful!
Peyton DurrettPeyton Durrett
05:20 02 Feb 23
Great communication, and great healthy happy cats! I am so happy with the two kittens I bought from Lucy. Both are so friendly and fit right in with my dogs at home.
Michael J. AntonucciMichael J. Antonucci
03:37 01 Feb 23
My daughter bought a cat from Lucy . He was such a well mannered good looking boy my wife bought a cat from her 2 years later. A half brother of our daughters. He is even better mannered and more loving and well behaved than our daughters . Great cat Breeder and would highly recommend! Good genes for sure .


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I’m a passionate cat breeder and world traveler. My Mission is to bring joy and happiness to people all over the world by breeding, selling, and delivering beautiful purebred cats & kittens. As a breeder of Maine Coon, Persians and Exotic Shorthair kittens I love caring for my cats and spending time with them is both soothing and grounding. It’s also incredibly rewarding to see happy families come back to me, time and time again, for kittens. Building these relationships has been a beautiful journey that I am grateful for.

My work sees me delivering kittens all across the United States as well as frequently traveling to Europe to help other breeders acquire what they need for their breeding programs. I’m also an architect, who loves to design beautiful things, my love of beautiful things reflected in my work with animals since I was a child.

My life is an amazing blend of work and pleasure; but at the end of the day my biggest joys are coming home to my kids and husband who are my anchors.

Based in Texas, we are dedicated cat breeders with a nationwide reach, committed to uniting people with their perfect feline companions. In addition, we extend our support by donating to the “Refugio Adopta una Huellita de Amor” group, benefiting dogs at animal shelters and contributing to their well-being.


  • We transport cats, who serve as emotional support animals to their owners during stressful times.
  • We transport cats to and from cat breeders who depend on these animals to further their breeding programs.
  • We transport all of our kittens personally to their new homes. Maine Coon Exotic Shorthair kittens Persian Kittens and other breeds


Bellspurr provides an opportunity for people to experience the joy of owning a top-quality Maine Coon or Exotic Shorthair Kitten. Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that each family finds the perfect cat for them in a safe, transparent, and clear way. With years of experience and knowledge, we offer a safe, transparent, clear transaction process when buying your family’s new member. Furthermore, this process allows them to be delivered straight to your nearest airport by no other than me! Our mission is simple: provide top-notch customer service with full transparency for those looking to adopt or purchase their next Maine Coon or Exotic Shorthair Cat without hassle. Additionally, we are striving towards creating healthier cats through responsible breeding standards. Our vision is to become the go-to source for all those looking for beautiful cats both within our community and beyond. Consequently, we aim to offer unparalleled convenience as well as peace of mind when making one of life’s most important decisions: adopting the purrrfect kitty!

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