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"Maine Coon cat sitting atop Petsnowy self-cleaning litter box manual"

Petsnowy Product Sample

Not big enough for Maine Coons but perfect for Persians Exotics, and Himalayans

My unbiased review of the Petsnowy automatic litter box. Full disclosure: this product was sent to me for review purposes, but I’ll provide honest feedback based on my experiences. Transparency is key, and I’ve approached this evaluation with the intention of sharing my genuine experiences and opinions.

We used it in Bellspurr Cattery for a week and here is our experience.

"Lucy Appel, Maine Coon cat breeder, sharing a tender moment with her Maine Coon kitten beside a Petsnowy self-cleaning litter box"
"Petsnowy self-cleaning litter box"


In my time using the Petsnowy automatic litter box, I’ve found it to generally effectively scoop and dispose of waste in our Bellspurr Maine Coon Cattery. However, there have been occasions where I encountered issues with incomplete scooping or clogging. While it does a decent job with odor control, it might not completely eliminate odors, especially in multi-cat households. The cleaning cycle is usually efficient and thorough, though I’ve had to intervene manually at times. It seems to handle most types of clumping litter well, but non-clumping litter might pose some challenges.


The construction of the litter box feels sturdy overall, but there have been reports of fragile components or weak points. Signs of wear and tear after extended use are minimal from my observation, although scratches or minor cracks may appear occasionally. In Bellspurr it felt really strong. While malfunctions aren’t common, I’ve heard of some users experiencing issues with parts like sensors and motors.


Ease of Use

Setting up the litter box was relatively straightforward for me, with clear instructions provided. Maintenance and cleaning are manageable tasks, although I’ve had to disassemble certain parts occasionally for thorough cleaning, when I added non clumping litter we already had at Bellspurr. Once properly set up, the box doesn’t require frequent adjustments. While it’s intuitive for pet owners, some cats may need time to get used to the automatic cleaning process. The instruction manual covers this issue and provides various tips to help your cats use it with ease. We used it initially at Bellsppurr, to acclimate our own cats.


Size and Design

“The size of the litter box provides enough space for Bellspurr Breeds such as Exotic Shorthair, Persians, and Himalayans to use comfortably, but larger breeds might find it a bit cramped. Its compact design fits well in my designated space at home, and its neutral color scheme blends nicely with my decor. Additionally, they offer a solid off-white litter box option, which would also complement the decor at Bellspurr.”


Noise Level:

During operation, the cleaning cycle produces moderate noise levels, which might be noticeable in quieter environments. While there are some minor disturbances caused by the motor or moving parts, they’re generally tolerable.


Power Consumption:

The litter box consumes a moderate amount of electricity during operation, but I haven’t noticed any specific energy-saving features.



Overall, the litter box has performed consistently for me over time, but I’ve heard varying experiences from other users. While there have been reports of recurring issues or failures with certain components, they seem relatively uncommon.


Customer Support:

“My interactions with the manufacturer’s customer support team have been amazing in terms of responsiveness and helpfulness. While there are readily available resources for troubleshooting, I’ve heard some users express the need for more guidance, which Customer Support is always available to help. Petsnowy cares for the safety of Bellspurr’s kittens and yours too; they prioritize the user experience above all.”


Value for Money:

“Considering its functionality and features compared to other options on the market, I believe the Petsnowy automatic litter box offers excellent value for its price. With advanced features and effective performance, it surpasses many competitors. Notably, it provides superior privacy and odor control, enhancing the user experience for both pets and owners.”


User Feedback:

Feedback from other pet owners is mixed, with some praising its convenience and effectiveness while others highlight durability and reliability concerns.



In conclusion, the Petsnowy automatic litter box offers convenience in managing cat waste with its automated scooping and disposal system. While it has its strengths and weaknesses, my experience with it has been generally positive. I hope this review has provided valuable insights for anyone considering this product.



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


© 2024 Lucy Appel

Mother and Kitten Kibble

Mother and Kitten Can

From 5 to 12 months

At the beginning of the 5th month, transition to breed-specific kitten food. Maintain a blend of kibble and canned food for the kitten finishes its current diet. Gradually progress to the next stage, introducing Royal Canin Maine Coon kitten kibble.

For Adult

At one year old, you have the option to switch to adult cat food, but it’s also acceptable to continue with kitten food, especially for Maine Coons, as they can continue growing until 4 or 5 years of age. If you observe any weight gain in your cat, consider transitioning to adult cat food. Personally, I continue to feed kitten food to my adult cats.

The feeding schedule is free kibble feeding throughout the day. In the first year, provide canned food in the morning and evening. After one year, shift to once-a-day feeding, preferably in the morning.

Bowls for Food and Water

We suggest using a Pagoda or Stainless Steel water fountain or bowl. It’s important to opt for ceramic or stainless steel, avoiding the use of plastic. This ensures a safe and durable option for your pets’ hydration needs.



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