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Silver shaded Maine Coon Kittens, Bellspurr
Silver Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Welcome to Bellspurr Maine Coons – Home of European Maine Coon Kittens in San Antonio, Texas

We are So Excited We Just Had Maine Coon Babies On Feb 5 And We Are Expecting A Litter This Week, Of April 13! 🙂


VON PALUT GENTLE BREEZE AND BELLSPURR's Esmeralda Just had babies! dob: Feb-5-2024

We have One female Maine Coon Kitten Available, Females are absolutely wonderful companions

"AGUA luna" blue tabby Maine Coon Girl 2-5-2024 $3000

Advantages of Choosing A Female Maine Coon Kitty

Choosing a female Maine Coon kitten can offer several advantages, though individual temperament and traits can vary. Here’s why a female might be a great choice:

  1. Affectionate Nature: Female Maine Coon cats often form strong bonds with owners and enjoy cuddling.
  2. Motherly Instincts: They may exhibit nurturing behavior and care for other pets.
  3. Territorial Behavior: Females are generally less territorial, making them adaptable to multi-pet households.
  4. Less Aggressive: Maine Coon Females tend to be less aggressive, fostering harmony among pets.
  5. Lower Risk of Spraying: Spayed females are less likely to spray, reducing household odor issues.
  6. Ease of Spaying: Spaying is simpler and less invasive than neutering, offering health benefits.
  7. Health Benefits: Spaying reduces the risk of reproductive health problems and increases longevity. Remember, each cat is unique, and proper care ensures a fulfilling relationship regardless of gender.

our Black silver shaded Maine Coon swiss king VON PALUT GENTLE BREEZE AND our black silver ticked tabby Maine coon roman queen stars of monaco Bonnie Sensual are expected to have babies april 13-18-2024

We are waiting for New kittens this week!

reserved maine coon kittens

"agua AMBaR aka luna" reserved for danica amber tabby Maine Coon feMale 2-5-2024 $3000

reserved by abby and kyle "Agua azul" blue tabby Maine Coon Boy 2-5-2024 $3000

RESERVED BY BETO "Agua clara" Black silver TABBY Maine Coon Girl 2-5-2024 $3500

Our Maine Coon Kittens Are Imported from Europe, Bred In San Antonio Texas, and delivered by us At Your Convenience, to your nearest airport.

At Bellspurr, we focus on European Maine Coon kittens. Our kittens come from Europe and are raised in San Antonio, Texas, where we pay close attention to their health, Their Pedigree, how they behave, and get them used to being around people Our Maine Coon kittens are not only cared for in a safe and Loving environment, but they are also raised alongside our Cavalier King Charles puppy and are familiar with children. This ensures that each Maine Coon kitten is well-socialized and comfortable around both pets and young family members, making them ready to adapt seamlessly into your home.  

From Europe to Texas Our Maine Coon kittens have strong roots in Europe, From known healthy and unique Lines. Here in Texas, we take good care of them in a place that’s safe and welcoming.

Delivered to Your Nearest Airport We make getting your new kitten easy by flying them to an airport near you. We make sure they are safe and comfortable the whole way, Flying In Cabin With One Of Us. We know of many terrible stories of kittens flying cargo. we have a flat rate of $600, we don’t make any profit out of this, but we want to make sure nothing bad happens to any of our kittens from our house to yours. Please don’t fly your kittens cargo no matter how inexpensive it might be.

Healthy Kittens Each Maine Coon kitten from Bellspurr is guaranteed to be healthy. They have seen the vet, gotten their shots, and come with all their health papers. We’re open about our kittens’ health and where they come from, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have.

Helping You Get Started We keep helping you even after your kitten arrives. Bellspurr offers advice on what to feed your kitten, how to handle typical Maine Coon behaviors, and other Specific Maine coon kitten tips to help your new kitten settle into your home.

Happy Families Check out our Google Reviews to see stories from families who have brought a Bellspurr Maine Coon kitten into their home. They share their happiness and good experiences.

Find Your New Kitten Look through the Maine Coon kittens we have available at Bellspurr to find your perfect kitten. Each one is ready to bring fun and Love to your home. Contact us today for more details.

Understanding The Differences Between Smoke, Shaded, Silver And Shell Patterns In Maine Coons

Raising Maine Coon cats, especially silver tabbies, can be a delightful yet intricate experience, particularly when it comes to understanding the intricacies in their coat patterns. For breeders and enthusiasts looking to distinguish between the subtly varied patterns of Smoke, Shaded, and Shell, it’s not just about aesthetics—it’s about genetics and breeding with precision.

Here, we will decipher the elements that lead to these coat patterns and how to identify and work with these beautiful variations in Our Maine Coons. Diving into the world of silver tabbies is a fascinating process, and here’s how to understand the difference between these three distinctive patterns.

Defining Smoke, Shaded, and Shell Patterns

Before we dwell on the complexities, it’s important to first define what we mean by Smoke, Shaded, and Shell patterns in the context of silver tabby cats. These distinctive patterns are all results of the inhibitor gene, often known as the “silver gene,” which modifies the coloration of the cat’s fur by varying degrees.

  • Silver: A silver tabby cat is a cat with a pale background and black stripes, and white hair roots. Maine CoonSilver tabbies can be nearly white or very dark in color.
  • Shell: The Shell pattern is characterized by the tip of each hair being colored only to the extent of up to an eighth of the total hair length.
  • Shaded: Shaded tabbies have their fur tips colored up to a quarter of the hair length, giving a darker hue compared to the Shell pattern.
  • Smoke: The Smoke pattern takes this further, with the hair tips colored up to half of the hair length, resulting in a largely silver or white appearance.

Despite these observations, the cat world is rich with variation, and individual cats may display a blend of these patterns depending on genetic factors and other influences.


Tarnishing And The “Wide Band” Effect

Understanding Additional Nuances Such As Tarnishing And The “Wide Band” Effect Is Crucial For Discerning Between These Coat Patterns. Tarnishing Refers To The Intrusion Of Reddish Color That Appears In Some Silver Tabbies, Most Commonly On The Muzzles. This Phenomenon Is More Prevalent In Random-Bred Silver Tabbies Due To The Natural Variation In Gene Expression.

The Wide Band Effect Is What Determines The Width Of The Lighter Band Between The Tip And The Base Of The Hair. While Breeders Often Refer To Wide Band As A Single Gene, It’s Increasingly Clear That Multiple Genes May Contribute To The Breadth Of This Band. This Band’s Width Is A Key Feature That Helps Breeders And Enthusiasts Identify And Categorize Smoke, Shaded, And Shell Cats.

Genetic Interplay

To Truly Differentiate Between These Coat Patterns, We Must Consider The Genetic Combinations That Result In Each Phenotype. A Broader Understanding Of The Interaction Between The Inhibitor Gene And Other Genetic Elements Is Necessary.

  • Non-Agouti + Wide Band: This Combination Results In A Solid Color, Non-Patterned Coat.
  • Non-Agouti + Wide Band + Inhibitor Gene: With The Addition Of The Inhibitor Gene, This Will Produce The Smoke Pattern.
  • Agouti + Wide Band: This Leads To The Golden Or Red Series Of Tabby Patterns.
  • Agouti + Wide Band + Inhibitor Gene: When The Inhibitor Gene Is Involved, The Coat Will Display The Silver Series Of Tabby Patterns.

The Inhibitor Gene In Detail

The Inhibitor, Or Melanin Inhibitor, Gene Is A Dominant Gene That Heavily Influences The Expression Of Color In Cats With Silver Tabby Markings. Melanin Is The Pigment Responsible For The Cat’s Coloration, With The Inhibitor Gene Primarily Blocking The Expression Of The Yellow Phaeomelanin Pigment, Followed By The Black Eumelanin Pigment.

For Those Familiarizing Themselves With Cat Genetics, It’s Worth Noting That The Inhibitor Gene Is Dominant, Hence If A Cat Doesn’t Express A Silver Pattern, It Does Not Carry This Gene. This Gene Exhibits Incomplete Dominance, Where One Copy Is Enough To Partially Block Pigment Expression, While Two Copies Result In A Fully Blocked Coat.

Breeding And Exhibition

For Breeders, Understanding These Patterns Is Vital For Planning And Executing Breeding Programs That Aim To Produce Specific Coat Patterns. For Exhibition Cat Owners, Recognizing And Appreciating These Various Traits Becomes A Means To Showcase The Unique Beauty Of Individual Cats.

Selective Breeding And Careful Record-Keeping Are Essential For Maintaining And Enhancing These Coat Patterns In Purebred Lines. Genetic Testing Can Provide An Added Layer Of Certainty, Particularly When Dealing With Subtle Variations That Can Be Difficult To Distinguish By Sight Alone.


The World Of Maine Coon Silver Tabbies Is A Rich Tapestry Of Genetics And Beauty. With A Deeper Understanding Of The Silver, Smoke, Shaded, And Shell Coat Patterns, Breeders Can Make Informed Decisions That Preserve These Traits, While Enthusiasts Can Learn To Appreciate The Fine Details That Make Each Silver Tabby Cat So Exquisitely Unique.

For Anyone Venturing Into The Mesmerizing Realm Of Breeding And Raising Silver Tabbies, Adopting A Methodical Approach By Familiarizing Oneself With The Genetics Underlying These Coat Patterns Will Undoubtedly Enhance The Experience. From The Intricacies Of The Inhibitor Gene To The Visual Cues That Distinguish One Pattern From Another, The Pursuit Of Distinction In These Maine COon Kittens  Is An Endlessly Rewarding Endeavor.



The Maine Coon Cat is a massive cat with a powerful muscular athletic body in keeping with their impressive size. Maine Coon kittens, just like their adult counterparts, have large, pointed ears held wide and tall and an intelligent expression.

The coat is long and thick and consists of an undercoat covered by a substantial glossy, waterproof top coat and have attractive tufts on ears and paws. Their tails are spectacular and should be at least as long as their body so they can wrap it around their body for extra insulation.

The Silver Shaded color is the rarest of all Maine Coon colors, because of that, we specialize in this fabulous color.

If you’re enchanted by the idea of having a Maine Coon, then you are at right place we have Maine Coon Kittens Available in Stone Oak , a beautiful neighborhood in San Antonio Texas USA, the Silver Shaded variety is something truly enchanting. These cats are not only large and impressive but also smart and beautiful with Gorgeous Coat.

Our kittens are raised in a loving and nurturing environment, ensuring they grow up healthy, well-socialized, and ready to become Loved members of your family. With a deep understanding of the Maine Coon breed’s unique characteristics and needs, we provide comprehensive care, from impeccable genetics to thorough health checks.

shows & memories

Larry and I fell in love with the Maine Coon breed during our travels. We transported cats from Brazil to Europe, and then from Europe to the USA. Among them were Maine Coon silver shaded cats, shell, and chinchilla Maine Coon kittens. They were all stunningly beautiful and majestic.

Our journeys forged strong bonds with top breeders worldwide, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed us to acquire our first two Maine Silver Shaded Coons.  in Rome. There, we found our exquisite Black Silver Maine Coon queen, Bonnie Stars of Monaco. We also brought home her mate, Gentle Breeze of Von Palüt, the sire of all our litters, whom we picked up in Switzerland.

These experiences led us to specialize in breeding European Maine Coons kittens in Texas. Our primary goal is to ensure our rare-colored Maine Coons find the best homes possible. Larry and I are committed to personally delivering one or two kittens to All International Airports.

We’re based in San Antonio, Texas, but we’re always on the move. We’re dedicated to ensuring each precious cat receives individual attention and care. Our passion drives us to travel across the country to deliver our kittens personally.


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