Step By Step Guide On How To Buy A Maine Coon Kitten From Bellspurr Maine Coon Cattery

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Step By Step Guide On How To Buy A Maine Coon Kitten From Bellspurr Maine Coon Cattery

Before You Sign:

  1. Go To Our Available Maine Coon Kittens Gallery & Select The Maine Coon Kitten That You Want.Https://Bellspurr.Com/Maine-Coons/
  2. Next, Fill Out Your Application. This Portion Is Crucial, As It Helps Both You And Us Determine If You Are Ready To Buy A Maine Coon Kitten From Us. Https://Bellspurr.Com/Application-Form/
  3. If You Fulfill Our Requirements, Then You’ll Get A Text From Us, Kicking Off Our Official Communication.
  4. We Will Send You Pictures And Videos Of Your Coonie, And Afterward, We Will Schedule A FaceTime Call So We Can Meet Each Other And You Can See Your MC Kitten ‘In Person’.
  5. We Will Plan Transportation If Needed. Additionally, There’s No Need To Go To A 3rd Party; We Transport Our Own Kittens To Ensure Their Safety And Delivery 100%. In Case You Would Like To See Our Very Real Trips To Meet Our Clients And Deliver Their New Kittens, Click Here. Https://Bellspurr.Com/Delivery/
  6. At This Point, We Will Explain Basic Information About Your Specific Maine Coon Kitty. We’ll Discuss What Kind Of Food He Eats, The Litter We Use In Our Maine Coon Cattery, And Address Any Other Questions You Might Have About Our Cattery And Our Kittens.
  7. This Is The Content Your Contract Will Have

Following Are The Contractual Steps:

  1. We Will Send You Our Contract Which You Can Sign Online, Eliminating The Need To Print Or Deal With Any Other Hassle. In This Contract, You Will Find Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Purchase A Maine Coon Kitten From Us. Https://Bellspurr.Com/Contract/
  2. We Will Invoice Your Payment Plan, Allowing You To Make The Deposit For Your Maine Coon. Subsequent Payments Can Be Made Directly Through This Invoice, As We Accept All Credit Cards. Rest Assured, No Unsafe Forms Of Payment Are Accepted, And Your Private Information Remains Secure.
  3. Upon Receipt Of Your Deposit, Your Kitten Is Promptly Reserved For You And Removed From The Available Section On Our Website. Furthermore, We Add Your Name To Your Kitten And Mark It As “Reserved By” In The Pictures.
  4. Upon Payment Of Your Deposit, You Will Promptly Begin To Receive Emails Aimed At Assisting You In Preparing For Your Precious Coon Kitten.
  5. We Are, Of Course, Open To Answering Any Remaining Questions You Might Still Have. We Do Not Think You Are Asking Too Many Questions; In Fact, We Totally Understand Your Inquisitiveness And Are Happy To Talk About Kittens With You.
  6. We Will Stay In Touch Weekly By Phone And Text, And In Addition, You Will Receive Pictures And Videos Of Your Kitten

Finally We Will Determine Pickup/Delivery:

  1. If You Live In This Area, We Will Be More Than Happy To Meet You In Person And Receive The Deposit For Your Maine Coon Baby. Obviously, We Can Arrange A Convenient Time For The Transaction.
  2. On The Kitten Or Pick-Up Date, We Will Meet You At Your Airport, Or At Our Designated Pick-Up Location. We Understand How Significant This Moment Is For You, And We Promise To Make It Memorable.

Avery Important Question We Hear Very Often Is:

Can We Come Visit Your Cattery And Play With The Kittens? Https://Bellspurr.Com/Faq/

We Do Not Invite Any Of Our Clients To Our Home. Additionally, We Do Not Have A Store Or An Exhibition Area. Furthermore, We Never Just Show Our Kittens To Anyone Who Asks. We Show Our Kittens Only If You Are Coming To Bring The Deposit In Person, You Have Signed Our Contract, And Are Committed To Buy. “We Require A Deposit At Visitation, As We Operate On An Appointment-Only Basis And Do Not Function As A Traditional Pet Store.”

In Short, These Are The Concise Steps We Follow When Selling A Maine Coon Kitten:

  1. Explore Available Kittens
  2. Initiate Application Process
  3. Await Confirmation
  4. Facilitate Virtual Meeting
  5. Coordinate Transportation Arrangements
  6. Complete Online Contract Signing
  7. Establish Payment Plan
  8. Secure Reservation Deposit
  9. Receive Preparation Emails
  10. Maintain Ongoing Communication
  11. Finalize Pickup/Delivery Arrangements

“As I Reflect On The Heartwarming Exchange Between Michelle And ‘Sweetheart,’ I Am Reminded Of The Profound Bond Shared Between Humans And Their Beloved Persian Cats. Witnessing Michelle’s Heartfelt Welcome To Her New Himalayan Kitten Fills Me With Joy And Serves As A Strong Reminder Of The Enduring Connection Forged Through The Love Of Animals. This Unforgettable Moment Will Forever Hold A Special Place In My Heart.”

“The Breeder Lucy Appel with her client delivering a kitten in Washington, D.C. on November 3 2019

"The Breeder Lucy Appel with her client delivering a kitten in Washington, D.C. on November 3 2019

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