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A striking silver shaded maine coon posing with his uniqueness.

Discover the 10 secrets of rare Maine Coon colors. Find out what colors Maine Coon cats can be.

“Introducing the Rare and Beautiful Colors of Maine Coons!”:

Did you know that there are rare colors that can be found in the Maine Coon breed? This blog post will discuss the rare colors of Maine Coon cats. These colors make them beautiful and unique. We’ll discuss terms such as rare Maine Coon colors, colored Maine Coon cats, colors and patterns, coon coloration, Maine Coon rare colors, and dark brown.

First off, let’s clarify what we mean by “rare” Maine Coon colors. Some colors and patterns are less common in this breed than others. However, all colors are considered special and valued by some people. These rare colors add a touch of exclusivity to the already desirable breed.

Maine Coon Colors and Patterns:

A color that’s not so common is chocolate. The color is not recognized because it implies a mix of Siamese or Himalayan. This mix, or any other mix is not allowed in purebred Maine Coons. But some breeders produce it anyways.

A true chocolate Maine Coon has a rich dark brown coat with no tabby markings. This hue is the result of a recessive gene and can sometimes have a hint of red, giving it a special and delightful appearance.

Another uncommon color in Maine Coons is silver. Silver coated cats have a unique shimmer to their fur because the white undercoat shows through the black or grey topcoat. Silver removes the brown from the coat, creating a striking contrast.

Additionally, there are several variations of red in Maine Coons. Red tabby coats have a dominant gene that produces a reddish-orange hue with distinct stripes or swirls. Some cats can have a gene that makes their fur a bright solid red color, without any other markings. Breeders and cat enthusiasts highly seek after this color variation known as “solid red” or “red self.”

Moving on to more subtle colors, we have cream and blue Maine Coons. Cream refers to a dilution of the red pigment, resulting in a pale off-white or beige coat. Blue fur appears silvery-gray because it is a diluted black pigment, not actually blue.

Hoomans have it all wrong, they call a red cat orange, a blue cat, grey. Cat colors are all about genetics, and are an interesting subject to study.

Smoke / Shaded/ Shell – Maine Coon Cats:

My favorite color is one of the rarest colorings in Maine Coons: is the shaded or chinchilla coat.Smoke Maine Coons are another rare color among the breed.

The smoke gene is also recessive and typically produces a diluted version of the base color. Black smoke is different from blue smoke , which is a diluted version of the grey or blue base coat. Smoke Maine Coons have a striking contrast between their dark tipped fur and lighter colored undercoat.

One of the most popular and well-known color variations in Maine Coons is the classic tabby pattern. This includes stripes, swirls, and spots on a background of red, cream, gray, or brown. The tabby gene is dominant and can be found in many other cat breeds as well. Despite its commonality, each tabby pattern is unique to each individual cat.

What Colors Can Maine Coon Cats Be?

White Maine Coons: why white is not a real color it’s a mask

White Maine Coons are often thought to be a color, but they are not actually considered a color. This is because the white coat is actually just a masking gene that covers up the cat’s true base coat color. This masking gene can be present in any breed of cat, not just Maine Coons. The only colors a cat can have are red and black.

A Blue Tabby is actually a black cat with genetic variations such as dilution and the tabby pattern. Similarly, a White Maine Coon is not actually white, but rather a cat with a masking gene that covers up its true color.

Another misconception about white Maine Coons is that they are albino. However, this is not the case as albinism is caused by a lack of pigmentation in both the fur and eyes. White Maine Coons still have pigmentation in their eyes, which is why they can have different eye colors.

So why do we still refer to them as “white” Maine Coons? Saying “white” instead of “Maine Coon with a masking gene” is easier. One interesting fact about white Maine Coons is that their eye colors can vary greatly. Some may have two different colored eyes, while others may have blue or gold eyes. This adds to the unique and diverse appearance of these cats.

Other rare colors Include:

Speaking of patterns, let’s not forget about the beautiful tortoiseshell or tortie, a tortie maine Coon is red and Black female. A calico is a red and black and white female. These are particolors or bicolors, not unusual in females but less comon than solid or bicolors. (also known as calico) coloring found in Maine Coons.

Male Tortie Maine Coons and Male Calico Maine Coons are very rare.

It is actually quite rare, but not impossible, for a male cat to be calico or tortie. This is because male cats typically have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, while female cats have two X chromosomes.

Tortie cats have patches of black and red colors on their fur. Calicos are red and Black and include white patches. This is because they inherit two different color genes on the X chromosome.

Male cats cannot have calico or tortie coats because they only have one X chromosome. This means they can only inherit one color allele.

Some male cats can have two X chromosomes (XXY) due to rare genetic abnormalities. This allows for inheriting two different color alleles and showing a calico or tortie coat pattern. abnormalities associated with those colors in males often cause infertility

The tabby Maine Coon Cat:

Tabby Maine Coon cats can come in a variety of colors and patterns, which are determined by genetics. The most common colors seen in tabby Maine Coons include brown, red, cream, silver, and blue. These colors can also be combined with white or other colors to create different variations.

In terms of patterns, the classic tabby pattern is the most well-known and recognized. It consists of bold stripes that run along the cat’s body from head to tail. Other common patterns seen in tabby Maine Coons include mackerel tabby, which features thin vertical stripes on the cat’s body, and spotted tabby, which has round or oval spots instead of stripes.Some Maine Coons may also exhibit a modified version of the classic tabby pattern called “ticked.” This pattern features small flecks of color throughout the fur instead of distinct stripes.

The color and pattern variations in tabby Maine Coons are not only aesthetically pleasing but serve a purpose as well. These unique coat patterns help camouflage the cat in their natural habitat and provide protection from predators. Furthermore, it is worth noting that these color and pattern variations may change over time due to factors such as age and seasonality. For instance, a younger Maine Coon may have more vibrant colors and defined patterns compared to an older one whose coat has faded with age.

In conclusion, rare Maine Coon colors add another layer to the already fascinating world of this beloved breed. is not only a result of genetics but also serves an important purpose for their survival in the wild. Maine Coons are beautiful cats, whether you like traditional coats or unique colors. They are truly one of nature’s most stunning creations.

Remember, a cat’s fur color doesn’t affect their personality or behavior. So whether your Maine Coon is red, black, blue, or white – they are all equally lovable and wonderful companions.

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