How to Select the Right Kitten?

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How to Select the Right Kitten?

If you’re considering adding a kitten to your family, you may be wondering how to choose the right one. With so many adorable Maine Coon kittens available, it can be challenging to make a decision. It’s important to consider the type of environment the kitten will be in and ensure that their personality and temperament align well with your home.

In the current landscape of Maine Coon adoptions, it’s often difficult to meet a kitten in person before adopting them. Instead, you may have to rely on photos provided by the breeder on social media or through direct communication. While this method generally works out well, there are instances where a different kitten may have been a better fit. Having more insight into the kittens can be incredibly helpful in making an informed decision.

At Bellspurr, we have implemented a new process to assist you in choosing the right kitten. Starting from February 1, 2021, Approved Guardians will have the opportunity to review a personal bio or assessment for each kitten on their respective pages. This added feature aims to enhance your buying experience with Bellspurr and provide you with more confidence when making a decision.

It’s important to note that these kitten assessments are not definitive indicators of how the kitten will be as they grow and mature. They simply reflect the observations of the kitten’s behavior at the time of assessment. Kittens undergo significant growth and change in the first three years of their lives, and their temperament will evolve accordingly. They will exhibit kitten-like behavior for at least the first year, followed by a gradual increase in maturity and calmness. The individuality of each cat will continue to develop over time.

Please keep in mind that at 4 weeks old, kittens are still finding their balance and starting to explore outside of the nest. This is a crucial time for me to observe their behavior and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Once they reach 8 weeks old, I will begin documenting their progress on their web pages.

At 8 weeks old, I will conduct the first kitten assessment. This is when I can start to see distinct differences in their personalities. These assessments will be a valuable tool for you in choosing a kitten that is a good fit for you. As the caretaker, I have a deep understanding of each kitten and can provide you with first-hand insights.

Here are the areas I will be assessing and reporting on their respective pages:
  • How does the kitten respond to dogs?
  • How does the kitten respond to unfamiliar cats?
  • Does the kitten enjoy being held and cuddled?
  • How confident is the kitten?
  • Is the kitten afraid of loud noises?
  • Does the kitten approach me when I enter the nursery?
  • Does the kitten seek out my lap and relax?
  • Is the kitten more social or prefers to be alone?


Discover Your Ideal Maine Coon Kitten with Ease

While perfection may be an elusive concept, I aim to provide you with an exceptional experience as a Maine Coon Breeder. I strive to offer you unique insights and details that set us apart from other breeders in the United States. By utilizing our kitten personality assessment, you’ll gain valuable knowledge to help you choose the right Maine Coon kitten for you. This assessment will also be available if you are interested in adopting a retired Maine Coon.

Finding a Trusted Maine Coon Breeder

If you’re considering adding a magnificent Maine Coon cat to your family, you may be wondering where to buy one. With numerous Maine Coon breeders across the United States and worldwide, the search can feel overwhelming. However, the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a breeder is their commitment to the health of their cats in their breeding program. Reputable breeders prioritize genetic testing and closely monitor the health of their cats, retiring any with potential hereditary conditions.

When researching where to buy a Maine Coon cat, take your time to explore breeders’ social media accounts. Observe how they interact with their followers and read reviews from satisfied customers and kitten owners. We invite you to follow us on our social media platforms to witness how we care for our kittens.

Once you feel confident in choosing us as your Maine Coon Breeder, it’s time to complete our Maine Coon adoption application. This will be the next step in bringing your ideal Maine Coon kitten into your loving home.

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