Exploring the Colors and Patterns of Maine Coons

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Beautiful Maine Coon colors an patterns, Maine Coon Expert explains it all.

Exploring the Colors and Patterns of Maine Coons – Bellspurr


The range of colors and patterns available in Maine Coon cats is truly remarkable. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA), there are over 80 recognized colors and patterns for Maine Coons to choose from.

Here are some examples:

Maine Coon Cat Colors:

  • Red (also known as orange or ginger)
  • Black/Brown
  • Blue (a diluted form of black)
  • Cream (a diluted form of red)
  • White
  • Tortoiseshell (a mix of black and red patches)
  • Blue Cream (a mix of blue and cream patches)
  • Smoke (silver roots color only on the outer tips of the fur)
  • Silver (silver roots with black tipping or color)
  • Shaded (gradual color transition from darker back to lighter sides and belly)
  • Calico (A Mix Of Black And Red with white Patches)

Maine Coon Cat Patterns:

  • Tabby (includes classic, mackerel, and ticked patterns)
  • Solid (self-colored without any distinct patterns)
  • Particolored (majority of coat is one color with some white, usually on paws and chest)
  • Bicolor (mainly white with patches of color on the head and body)
  • Tortoiseshell (black and red patches; with white, it would be TriColor or “Calico”)
  • Torbie (tortoiseshell with stripes)

To get a visual representation of the various Maine Coon coat colors and patterns, you can use the tabs at the top of each color class. This will help you explore and understand the different variations.

Additionally, the CFA website provides detailed information on feline genetics, cat colors, and how Maine Coons acquire their colors and patterns. Coon breeders sometimes can eplain this very well. You’ll also find a directory with plenty of pictures of Maine Coon long hair cats for reference.

Enjoy discovering the beautiful array of colors and patterns that Maine Coons have to offer!

Black Maine Coons

The black Maine Coon cat is a sight to behold – sleek, stealthy, and captivatingly beautiful. While solid black Maine Coons are not as common, their unique allure is undeniable when you do come across one.

There’s something truly mesmerizing about a solid black cat, especially when it’s a Maine Coon. Their glossy coat and sleek appearance give them a special charm that sets them apart from other colors. Once you have a black Maine Coon in your home, you’ll understand the enchantment they bring.

Black and White Maine Coons

The black and white Maine Coon is typically classified as a bi-color. The amount of white on these cats can vary, ranging from a small white locket on the chest to a more abundant distribution, creating a “van”

pattern. When we refer to a cat as “with white” or “bi-color,” it indicates the visible amount of white on their coat. The black and white Maine Coon is sometimes referred to as a “tuxedo Maine Coon,” a term commonly used for cats with tuxedo-like markings, including white fur on the paws, chest, and sometimes a cute mustache.

Black Smoke

When we talk about the “smoke” color in a Maine Coon cat, we’re referring to the presence of a silver undercoat on a solid-colored cat. These beautiful cats change. Detecting a smoke undercoat in kittens can be challenging, as it becomes more prominent with age. You can check the cat’s hair shaft roots to see evidence of the silver undercoat.

Black smoke is the most popular variation of the smoke color, but there are other stunning smoke-colored variations as well. A true smoke color will have silver roots on the hair shaft.

It’s important to note that the silver coat in a solid-colored Maine Coon is called smoke, while in a tabby cat, it’s referred to as silver. The same gene that produces this color, known as the silver inhibitor. Some people may refer to the black smoke as the black and grey Maine Coon cat.

Black Smoke with White Maine Coon

Black Smoke and White Maine Coons are often referred to as tuxedo cats. With their smoky undercoat, they exude a sultry and sophisticated look.

Black Tabby

The Black Tabby Maine Coon exudes a regal and stunning presence. This classic and sought-after color is highly favored among Maine Coon enthusiasts and has a high win rate at TICA Cat shows.

The traditional black tabby pattern features a black coat with warm brown swirls. Some may refer to this pattern as a “Bullseye” pattern, as there is often a perfectly round spot in the ribcage area. The black classic tabby is also known as the brown Maine Coon tabby and is sometimes called “marble.”

On the other hand, the black mackerel tabby Maine Coon showcases stripes on its body and legs that resemble fish bones, resembling a tiger’s markings. Brown Tabby is a shade of Black Tabby.

Black Tabby With White

It’s important to note that a tabby pattern does not necessarily indicate a Maine Coon cat. Tabby is a coat pattern that can occur in any cat, and it simply means that the cat has stripes on its body. This pattern can be seen in cats of various colors, including black, red, blue, or cream. When looking for a purebred Maine Coon, it’s crucial to understand the distinguishing characteristics of the breed and not solely rely on the tabby pattern.

Black Silver Maine Coon

The black-silver Maine Coon has gained significant popularity in recent years. Breeders worldwide have focused on producing Maine Coons with stunning silver colors and patterns. Black Silver Classic Tabby Maine Coon Cats and Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Cats are examples of the silver Maine Coon variations. Silver Maine Coons can be classified as silver, shaded, or shell, depending on the amount of silver on each strand of hair. Silver Maine Coon kittens are often highly sought after and tend to be chosen first, regardless of other available colors.

Black Silver and White

A Silver Maine Coon refers to a cat with a coat that consists of dark gray and black hairs with light-colored tipping. The silver color can vary in shades, including pale, shaded, and shell. Shell is the lightest of the silver banded fur.

Black Tortie

The black tortie Maine Coon is a color that never fails to please. With its dark and mysterious black coat adorned with fiery red highlights, it exudes a unique charm. This coat is considered solid, meaning it lacks tabby markings. A black tortie with white Maine Coon is technically referred to as a calico Maine Coon. Calico Maine Coons are known for their sassy attitudes and high energy, making them beloved family favorites. The combination of red, white, and black fur in a black tortie with white Maine Coon is truly captivating.

Black Tortie with White

A calico pattern in Maine Coons is similar to a tortoiseshell pattern but with the addition of white mixed in, creating a more distinct arrangement of black and red/orange colors. A black tortie with white Maine Coon exhibits this calico pattern, showcasing a beautiful combination of red, black, and white fur.

Black Smoke Tortie

The black smoke tortie Maine Coon is a sight to behold. Picture a stunning black tortie with a white long fur undercoat that gives her a brilliant silvery glimmer. Calico cats are often adored, and when combined with a smoke undercoat, the black smoke tortie becomes even more irresistible. If you’re considering a calico Maine Coon, keep an eye out for the black smoke tortie with white. She embodies the beauty of the calico pattern with the added allure of the silver undercoat, all while maintaining the sassy personality that torties are known for.

Black Torbie

A black torbie Maine Coon is a female cat with fur colors of red and black, accompanied by tabby markings. The black torbie with white Maine Coon is a complex and stunning variation. She showcases a combination of red, black, and white fur, along with stripes in her red and black fur, making her a torbie. Torbie is a combination of tortie and tabby, indicating that she has a patterned coat rather than a solid one. The pattern can be classic, mackerel tabby, or spotted, and she may also have a ticked tabby pattern. One way to distinguish a tortie from a torbie is by checking for white eyeliner around the eyes and white lining of the ears, which are present in torbies but not in torties.

Black Silver Torbie:

The Black Silver Torbie showcases a mesmerizing blend of vibrant hues, including red, black, and silver. This distinctive feline boasts an exquisite pattern, either classic or mackerel in style. While it’s easy to mistake a tortoiseshell (tortie) for a torbie due to their shared color palette, the torbie distinguishes itself with the addition of tabby markings, or stripes, within its fur.

Blue Maine Coons:

Blue Maine Coons, a diluted variation of black, require both parents to either possess the blue coloration or carry the dilute gene. Often referred to as grey Maine Coons, their coats exhibit a distinct grey hue, a result of the dilution process.

Blue Smoke:

Are you in search of a blue smoke Maine Coon kitten? This lesser-known color variation presents a diluted form of black, paired with a shimmering smoke undercoat, creating a visually captivating effect. While sometimes categorized as grey and white Maine Coons, the Blue Smoke with white features a striking bi-color contrast, occasionally adorned with “masked” markings over one or both eyes, setting it apart in uniqueness.

Blue Tabby:

Blue tabby Maine Coons offer a delightful and charming color option, less common than their black or red counterparts. The rich blue fur, accentuated by delicate creamy stripes, creates a regal and striking appearance characteristic of the majestic Maine Coon breed.

Blue Silver Tabby:

Blue Silver Classic Tabby and Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coons, though not as prevalent as black silver variants, possess a unique allure. The manifestation of the blue coloration relies on the dilution gene, requiring both parents to carry the recessive gene for its expression.

Blue Smoke Tortie Maine Coon:

The Blue Smoke Tortie Maine Coon boasts a stunning array of colors, encompassing shades of blue (resembling grey) and cream, complemented by a silver root in its fur. This combination creates a luxurious “smoke” effect, contributing to the exquisite appearance of blue smoke torties.

Red Maine Coons:

The red Maine Coon cat, also known as the orange Maine Coon, holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts fond of traditional colors. Distinguished by their vibrant red coats, identifying solid red Maine Coons amidst ghost markings resembling tabby patterns requires careful observation, particularly noting the absence of white on the ear linings and muzzle.

Red Smoke:

Red smoke Maine Coons, celebrated for their unique fur characteristic, captivate audiences with their majestic presence. This distinctive trait imbues their fur with a captivating allure, enhancing their appeal in cat shows and exhibitions worldwide.

Red Tabby:

The red tabby Maine Coon, often affectionately referred to as “orange Maine Coon cats,” charms enthusiasts with its warm and inviting demeanor. Adorned with white markings around the eyes, ear linings, and muzzle, these felines exude a friendly and lovable aura.

Red Tabby with White:

Red Tabby with White Maine Coons stand out as one of the most sought-after color variations. Their gentle charisma endears them to admirers, accentuated by the pleasing combination of red tabby markings and white highlights.

Red Silver:

Red Silver Maine Coons exude magnificence with their striking combination of red and silver hues. Characterized by a sparkling silver undercoat, these felines exhibit a captivating allure, owing to the dominant inhibitor gene passed down from at least one parent.

Cream Maine Coons:

Cream Maine Coons captivate onlookers with their warm and inviting coloring, reminiscent of a delightful glass of champagne. This diluted variation of red presents a visually stunning aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to the Maine Coon palette.

Cream Tabby:

The cream tabby Maine Coon, though less prevalent, offers a visually pleasing color option with its soft and creamy appearance. Resembling butterscotch, these felines evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, making them ideal companions for cozy winter cuddles.

White Maine Coons:

The white Maine Coon, a rarity among the breed, exudes a majestic and angelic aura. With its pristine white coat, this feline embodies grace and elegance, captivating observers with its timeless beauty and imposing stature.

Determining Maine Coon Kitten Colors:

The coloration of a Maine Coon kitten is determined by its genetic inheritance from its parents. When breeding cats, you need to think about different pigments that determine colors. Genes like dilution and agouti also affect the shades and patterns of the cats’ fur. Male kittens inherit color genes exclusively from their mother, while female kittens display a blend of both parents’ colors.

Understanding the genetic makeup of parent cats of htese gentle giants, facilitates predicting the potential color outcomes of their offspring. Enthusiasts seeking specific colorations should consult reputable breeders to ensure their preferences align with available kittens.

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