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Himalayan cat

Officially called Pointed Persian Cat

Himalayan kittens are a unique variation of the Persian cat breed, where the term “Himalayan” pertains solely to their distinct color pattern. This color pattern, recognized as Pointed Persian, showcases shades on their ears, tail, and feet, accompanied by their trademark blue eyes.

In fact, the Himalayan Kittens and cat is a true Persian breed, preserving all the qualities and characteristics inherent to Persian cats. This breed’s heritage ensures that their traits, behavior, and appearance align closely with those of purebred Persians.

In summary, Himalayan kittens are not a crossbreed; they are genuine Persians with a specific and captivating coloration. Their classification as Himalayans does not indicate a fusion of breeds, but rather highlights their Pointed Persian color pattern, setting them apart as a remarkable subset of the beloved Persian cat family.

Their striking appearance, which combines the beauty of Persian cats with a unique color pattern, often captures hearts. The contrast between their creamy bodies and darker points on their ears, paws, and tails is visually captivating. Additionally, their stunning blue eyes contribute to their charm.

We will have Himlayan kitten babies this week 6-28-2023!!

Our beloved Himalayan kitten queen "RW CH SHIEKSPURR VERMICELLI OF BELLSPURR" aka little lucy

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At this moment we have no Pointed Persian Kittens, but if you like other colors please visit our Persian link.

Memories & Shows of himalyan kittens

A Himalayan cat is actually a kind of Persian cat. The term “Himalayan” just talks about its fur color, which is officially called Pointed Persian.

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